2023 Daihatsu me:Mo

Daihatsu me:Mo Concept, 2023
Daihatsu me:Mo Concept, 2023
Daihatsu me:Mo Concept, 2023
Daihatsu me:Mo Concept, 2023
Daihatsu me:Mo Concept, 2023
Daihatsu me:Mo Concept, 2023
Daihatsu me:Mo Concept, 2023 – Interior
Daihatsu me:Mo Concept, 2023 – Interior
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Daihatsu me:Mo — an urban EV, that places a strong emphasis on sustainability and versatility for various life stages. Sporting a boxy design with rounded corners and a 3-seat cabin, this compact EV measures 2,955 mm (116.3 inches) in length. Despite its smaller stature, the me:Mo compensates with minimal overhangs, compact wheels, and flat sides, likely resulting in a roomy interior.
Смешной квадратный me:Mo видимо, задумывался как автомобиль для молодой мамы: вместо пассажирского сиденья можно устроить игровую зону для ребёнка, а в корзине на месте центральной консоли — хранить игрушки. Интерьер выполнен из легко моющегося пластика. Внешность машины можно кастомизировать как вздумается при помощи съёмных деталей навроде блоков Lego.

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. announced today that it will exhibit cars from throughout its history as well as concept cars at the 1st JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023 to be held at Tokyo Big Sight (Koto-ku, Tokyo) from October 26 to November 5 (open to the public from October 28).

The theme of Daihatsu’s exhibit at the first JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW will be “Staying Close to Our Customers and Enriching Their Lives.” This desire is embodied in Daihatsu’s current vision and has been maintained since its founding. The exhibition will feature cars that symbolize Daihatsu's history of evolving while staying close to customers, as well as concept cars that depict the future that lies ahead. Daihatsu has been, and will continue to be, committed to providing a rich mobility life for all people through environmentally friendly and sustainable small cars, sincerely addressing social issues such as the declining birthrate and aging population. This sentiment is expressed throughout the entire booth.

The concept cars that Daihatsu will exhibit at the JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW this year represent five ways of expressing staying close to people and lives in the mobility society of the future. The me:MO is a mini vehicle with a style and sense of enjoyment that can be adapted to different stages of life. The UNIFORM Truck and UNIFORM Cargo are mini commercial vehicles of the future. They pursue the fundamentals of a working vehicle, such as ease of use, and can be used for a variety of work styles and purposes. The OSANPO allows drivers to enjoy the comfort of open-air driving with the ease of going for a walk, creating a slower value in their daily lives. Finally, the VISION COPEN, which pursues the joy and fun of driving while maintaining the easygoing nature of the COPEN, will also be on display.

A sustainable mini passenger battery electric vehicle (BEV) with a style and sense of enjoyment that can be adapted to different stages of life

Embodying staying close to who you are
The theme is “redefining the relationship between cars and people.” A completely new form that considered the manufacturing and sense of enjoyment of cars from zero.
The style and sense of enjoyment can be adapted to different stages of life.

— We changed the way cars were manufactured and made it possible to change not only the design but also the form of the vehicle by constructing a modular structure of interior and exterior parts with necessary and sufficient functionality. This enabled us to realize a sustainable car that can be used for a long time in response to changes in the customer's stage of life and usage.
— Length × width × height: 2,955mm×1,475mm×1,590mm; Wheelbase: 1,985mm
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