2013 Daihatsu Ayla World

Daihatsu Ayla GT Concept, 2013
Daihatsu Ayla GT Concept, 2013
Daihatsu Ayla X-Track Concept, 2013
Daihatsu Ayla X-Track Concept, 2013
Daihatsu Ayla Luxury Concept, 2013
Daihatsu Ayla Luxury Concept, 2013
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AYLA GT / AYLA X-track (cross track) / AYLA Luxury
PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (hereinafter ADM), a subsidiary of Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter Daihatsu) in Indonesia, will exhibit eight models that will make their world debut as well as a technological booth, AYLA Technology, at the Indonesia International Motor Show 2013 to be held on September 19 (Thurs.) through September 29 (Sun.) in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Daihatsu, exhibiting under the slogan, "Daihatsu is our best friend. [Daihatsu Sahabatku]" will take on the theme of "Compact ECO Mobility Best Friend" at this motor show, and with an aim to be a leading company in compact cars, will appeal to the audience by demonstrating the craft of making fuel-efficient and affordable cars cultivated in Japan and Daihatsu's initiatives that accelerated its localization on various fronts.

AYLA World will address the future possibilities of AYLA that was launched for sale earlier through the three concepts, namely the AYLA GT, an aerodynamic type that will appeal to sports-minded customers, the tough AYLA X-track (cross track), which can handle off-road conditions, and the AYLA Luxury, which offers a step up in terms of its luxurious feel.

Компания Daihatsu одновременно представила сразу восемь концепт-каров. Премьера новинок состоялась в рамках Индонезийского автосалона, проходящего в Джакарте.

Среди них Daihatsu представила «горячий», вседорожный и премиальный варианты варианты модели Ayla, выпускающейся серийно. Прототипы Ayla GT, Ayla X-Track и Ayla Luxury демонстрируют какие версии в дальнейшем может получить компакт-кар.
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