1999 Daihatsu EZ-U

Daihatsu EZ-U, 1999
Daihatsu EZ-U, 1999
Daihatsu EZ-U, 1999
Daihatsu EZ-U, 1999
Daihatsu EZ-U, 1999
Daihatsu EZ-U, 1999
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The EZ-U speeds up this process by looking to be the next-generation standard by using increased spaciousness to appeal to a broad range of users.

RV type light cars have already taken root in the marketplace and are rapidly becoming standardized. The EZ-U speeds up this process by looking to be the next-generation standard by using increased spaciousness to appeal to a broad range of users. It is a light passenger car with all the features needed for everyday use and an extensive set of functions that make it suitable for all kinds of lifestyles.


The EZ-U has a sound, functional silhouette that reflects universal appeal that is the design theme. All the tension lines the body are directed downward, imparting a look of stability and enhanced presence on urban roads. Modernistic touches include the large lamps and wheel spats. The styling is a suitable counterpart for the many novel functions that the EZ-U incorporates.


The EZ-U has an overall length of 3,395 mm, a width of 1,475 mm, a height of 1,550 mm and a wheelbase of 2,460 mm. Thus, there is plenty of head clearance and legroom. The use of the small, low-profile 165/60R10 tires made it possible to provide a large floor area.

The doors are large and can be opened to an angle of 90 degrees which, with the low rockers and height adjusters that allow the vehicle to be raised or lowered by up to 70 mm, make it very easy to get in and out. The position of the bench seats can be adjusted longitudinally and sideways, and seating can be arranged in six different ways. Rear seats can be folded flat, and the 250-mm longitudinal stroke also allows the seats to be slid right the way back, into a limousine configuration. Seats can also be swivelled. The overall result is a high degree of seating flexibility.


The highly efficient engine is combined with an eco CVT transmission to provide a performance that is both smooth and economical. The EZ-U delivers all-round safety by using a crash-safety body and good fuel consumption.

Немного шансов дойти до серийного производства у однообъемного мини-автомобиля Daihatsu EZ-U. Конструкторы снабдили EZ-U распашными дверями без центральной стойки, задней дверью, которая, поднимаясь, складывается вдвое, и выезжающими за пороги кузова сиденьями для облегчения посадки-высадки.
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