1991 Mercury Mystique

Mercury Mystique, 1991
Mercury Mystique, 1991
Mercury Mystique, 1991
Mercury Mystique, 1991
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Mercury’s show vehicle for 1991 was the Mystique minivan that merged the practicality of a station wagon with a multipurpose luxury vehicle. The sleek-looking Mercury featured "T-drive," whereby the transversely mounted engine mated with the transmission in a way to send power to any or all wheels. Interior featured six-bucket seats and individually controlled TVs and VCRs mounted in the front seat backs. The Mystique concept bore no resemblance to the sedan of that name that would debut for 1995.


The Mystique was Mercury's first mini-van, with a name used on the 1995 compact production car. Wall-to-wall headlights and fiber-optic taillights were integrated into the smooth-flowing aluminum-frame body. The Mystique concept was powered by Ford's prototype T-Drive V8 engine connected to an centrally-mounted transmission. Flexibility of front-wheel, rear-wheel, or four-wheel drive was obtained with the T-Drive. The glass roof incorporated liquid-crystal technology which automatically darkened the roof in bright sunlight. The passenger seat backs were fitted with individual television screens and VCRs for rear passenger entertainment.

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