1964 Mercury Super Marauder

Mercury Super Marauder, 1964
Mercury Super Marauder, 1964
Mercury Super Marauder, 1964
Mercury Super Marauder, 1964
Mercury Super Marauder, 1964
Mercury Super Marauder, 1964
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1964 Mercury Super Marauder was created by the legendary customizer George Barris for Mercury. It was powered by a 427 V8 and featured side-mounted exhaust pipes and a chopped windshield. The overall length was cut eight inches, and the wheelbase shortened four inches from the production Marauder.


The wheelbase of "Super Marauder" is five inches shorter and overall length eight inches shorter than the standard Mercury. It is built for two passengers, with no top. The windscreen and side windows are designed to eliminate the need for goggles at high speeds. Two futuristic headrests, located on filled-in deck area, are individually adjustable and contain rear turn signals. Velocity stacks are incorporated into the bonnet in order to accommodate a multi-carb system, not yet out of the drawing board stage. Engine is a stock 427 incher. Two front fender intakes feed air to the brakes. Exhaust exits through outlets located in stainless steel mouldings, just ahead of the rear wheels. The steering is two-handle type, utilizing conventional power steering. the exterior finish is "Golden Cinnabar," a bright Vermillion color.

9 января 2013 г.
I have two question for you.
I would like to know if it have two mercury concept because on picture are see one black concept in color and second car the color Red vermillion barris mercury

Second question the engine is 427 4V 410 hp or 427 8V 425 hp.
thank you.
Harold tempelhagen
21 февраля 2022 г.
In 1964 my father was a production manager/engineer at the Ford Oakville plant, where many Merc's were made. He saw the full potential of what a Marauder should and could be and production lined a one of beast for himself. Mercury held it's own back then and had the goods to make it happen. Unfortunately the car met its demise when he sold it in 1971 and new owner further suped up the car and totalled it a month later. I wish to have such an awesome one of car. Starting out as a convertible (yup!) made it special from the start. As Oakville was also a heavy truck plant providing accessibility to parts of heavy duty nature and unconventional components. George Barris' own custom super marauder is as close to anything like it albeit dads was more conventional styled. With wife, three kids in back -mine the middle seat as I was the youngest, towing a 20 foot+ enclosed sail plane trailer travelling throughout America camping and entering proffessional competitions . Father was a seasoned windspieler and was his passion. I only have a couple poor photos of this car which doesn't do it justice. Ford and Mercury did not build many, few and rare, 427 convertibles of any kind with the Shelby AC cobra probably the most known model. I loved that Red Baron bomber father made happen as did any who saw it. A true one of one of Canadian auto history. My baby drives a Mercury and always will. The Woods brothers and David Pearson made sure of that 🏁🏁🏁

later H-man
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