1968 Ogle Scimitar GTE

Ogle Scimitar GTE, 1968
Ogle Scimitar GTE, 1968
Reliant Scimitar GTE (Ogle Design), 1970
Reliant Scimitar GTE (Ogle Design), 1970
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GTE (Grand Touring Estate)
When Reliant launched their Scimitar GTE at Earls Court Motorshow in 1968, Tom Karen of Ogle Design exhibited his own unique version of the GTE to show off Ogles styling expertise.

Ogle Design said:

"The new and exciting 3 litre Scimitar by Ogle, based on the Reliant GTE, incorporates a number of extra features which give this new concept car an even more futuristic look. Apart from the large windscreen and glass roof over the front seats the most striking difference is the frontal grille area. The Ogle Scimitar has a concealed headlamp system which embodies four of the new Lucas "all-glass" rectangular sealed beam units, with electrically operated shutters. These 60/60 watt light units are a result of two years development work, and offer all the advantages already associated with the sealed beam principle. When the headlamp shutters are closed, the light units are fully protected and the full frontal area of the car has a flowing and distinctive appearance."

The car also featured a light tan interior with leather and chequered fabric seats, a glazed roof section, retractable headlamp covers and had embossed Ogle logo's on the front wings.

Shortly after the show the Ogle GTE was purchased by the chairman of the Reliant Motor Company Sir Julian Hodge for his wife Lady Moira Hodge.

This superb car is still owned by the Hodge family today.
Source: www.sporting-reliants.com
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