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2000 Rinspeed Tatooo.com

Rinspeed Tatooo.com (Rinspeed), 2000
Rinspeed Tatooo.com (Rinspeed), 2000
Rinspeed Tatooo.com (Rinspeed), 2000
Rinspeed Tatooo.com (Rinspeed), 2000
Rinspeed Tatooo.com (Rinspeed), 2000
Rinspeed Tatooo.com (Rinspeed), 2000
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Tatooo.com - the play on words combines the emotional, erotic appeal of human body art with the three zeros that have come to symbolize the new millennium. The Internet address is a website for the vehicle, as well as its name.
The original concept of the "Multi Utility Vehicle (M.U.V.)" was first demonstrated in last year’s creation for the Geneva Motor Show, the Rinspeed X-Trem. TATOOO.COM takes that concept to a new dimension.

The RINSPEED TATOOO.COM can’t hide the fact that its roots lie in the traditional American hot rod. Its lines are reminiscent of the classic pick-up trucks of the Fifties. The dominating hood with its large air intakes lends a sporty and dynamic appearance to the showstopper.

The front and rear fenders with their generous sweeping lines just barely cover the extra-wide tires. The windshield and side windows are very low compared to contemporary production cars. These observation slits harken back to the hot rod era. The doors are completely free of attached parts, with the exception of the rearview mirrors required by law. Door handles have been replaced by a remote-controlled electromagnetic opening mechanism. The truck bed is also free of attached parts. Wide side skirts and modern light units provide the only visual clues that the vehicle is in fact a synthesis of old and new. The tailgate is a real novelty. It is essentially a frame with a transparent and indestructible Lexan plate in the center. The tailgate lends a much lighter appearance to the vehicle’s rear and gives stylists unprecedented design freedom.

Швейцарская фирма Rinspeed исправно готовит к каждому Женевскому автосалону новый концепт-кар. На этот раз — пикап Rinspeed Tatooo.com, который является развитием прошлогоднего проекта Rinspeed X-Trem. Сделанный в стиле американских хот-родов 50-х годов Tatooo.com оснащен 5,7-литровым двигателем V8 мощностью 409 л. с. Особая гордость конструкторов — оригинальный подъемник X-Tra-Lift собственной разработки, с помощью которого в кузов можно легко погрузить, например, водный мотоцикл. Представители фирмы уверяют, что Rinspeed Tatooo.com полностью отвечает всем требованиям к легковым автомобилям и может эксплуатироваться на дорогах общего пользования.
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